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P2542 Syros Farmout United Kingdom

Deltic Energy Plc are seeking partners to participate in an exploration well on Licence P2542 to test the ILX Fulmar Syros prospect. Located adjacent to the Montrose-Arbroath fields, the estimated gross P50 Prospective Resources for Syros is 25 mmboe with a GCoS of 58%. Deltic currently holds a 100% working interest and seeks a partner to join the project ahead of a 2024 well. The reservoir is the Jurassic aged Fulmar sandstone and the prospect is interpreted as a block of Fulmar inter-pod which has rotated on underlying salt and is isolated up-dip by juxtaposed Smith Bank shales.


EP493 - Great Sandy Desert Project Australia

Theia Energy is seeking industry partner(s) or potential investors to participate in the development of its Great Sandy Desert Project in Australia. The project comprises unconventional shale oil and gas resources held within the Lower Goldwyer (GIII formation) consisting of Ordovician age shales within the onshore Canning Basin.

The prospective resources are estimated to range from 2.9 to 5.4 Billion BOE with 60% oil. In 2015, Theia Energy drilled a successful well proving up a continuous 70m oil column with shale thickness of 120m and 25,600 bbls/acre of moveable OIP (~45 degrees API, light, non-waxy).