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Strategy Consulting

Our aim is to help our clients take good business decisions, making the most of the situations they are in by maximising opportunities and minimising risks.

Major transformations have been taking place in the global energy sector over recent years, from the growing roll-out of renewables, volatility in oil prices, globalisation of natural gas markets and political uncertainty. Government policy is playing a significant and increasing role in determining the future and mix and the pace of change.

Successful companies are having to evolve their strategies to stay ahead of the game. We are able to provide independent specialist energy industry advice to review or revise strategies, update business models and understand new business opportunities.

HEA's team with over 100+ year's experience and with experience in 37 countries can help companies both critically evaluate their strategy and business models and support its delivery and realisation, so we can support you throughout your strategic journey.

Strategy Consulting
Strategy Consulting

What we do

We help our clients when they have difficult decisions to make or a complex problem to solve. We examine their issues from an external and independent point of view without any inherent bias to identify what the critical issues are before considering what are the range of options and most importantly how to rank those options.

The HEA team have built a unique toolkit and method to help clients take decisions that make the most of the situations they are in, managing risks and maximising opportunities. We work supporting businesses through investment decisions, as well as divestment and acquisition projects and helping ensure the maximisation of asset value through commercial and operational optimisation.

The types of problems we can help with:

  • Asset & Area Hub Strategy
  • Portfolio Decision Making
  • Acquisition & Divestment Strategy
  • New Ventures and Country / Area Entry
  • Corporate Strategy & Business Model Development / Review
  • Partnering and Joint Venture Analysis
  • Dispute Management
  • Financing Options
  • Corporate and Investor Communications