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Professional Training for the Oil and Gas Industry


About our Training Courses:

Holt Energy Advisors (HEA) and VassPetro Limited (VassPetro) have partnered to provide a range of upstream oil and gas training courses covering key commercial and legal aspects of the exploration and production sector. These sessions can be conducted in person or online both in-house where they can be adapted for specific client requirements, or in public session throughout the year.

The courses range in duration from 1.5 - 4 hours but can be tailored to specific client requirements as necessary to cover elements specific to your business.

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Farmout Agreements (FOA)

A detailed review of the classic deal document / when and why it is used / "Equity First" and "Equity After" variants / how the carry works / consideration / damages / relationship with JOA and more.


Knock-for-Knock Clauses, Idemnities and Exclusions

An analysis of the vital role of indemnities and exclusions in oil and gas docs / reviewing LOGIC K4K / Carve-outs and Carve-ins / "Negligence", "Gross Negligence" and "Wilful Misconduct" / English law compared to the Deepwater Horizon decision and Brazil, and more.


Maximising Economic Recovery MER

The UKCS has undergone a regulatory revolution with the 2016 advent of MER - In this training, we look at original MER (2016) and amended MER (2021) / who owes MER duties to whom / the principal MER duties / the effect of MER on private contracts / the impact of Net Zero / Loach v OGA and more


Third Party Access to Offshore Infrastructure

Covering issues such as TPA provisions of Energy Act 2011 / our negotiated access system / powers of the NSTA / impact of MER / ICOP / TPA Guidance / Nelson-Howe dispute and more.


Hydrocarbon Sales

Managing the value of hydrocarbon sales is critical to ensuring you can maximise the value of product streams. In this training, we will give background on the key hydrocarbons and how and where they are sold and their associated trading fundamentals.


Petroleum Economics for M&A

This training we seek to demonstrate how key Petroleum Economics concepts are used in M&A and farmout transactions in a practical way to value assets being acquired but also to structure commercial structures to give the best chance of buyer and seller alignment on deals.

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